Tuesday, March 05, 2013

LATINOS BEHAVING BADLY!: Sequester Molester?

It's been over a week since some unknown low level ICE bureaucrats staged a Federally sponsored jail break of thousands of illegal immigrants they had already being held in detention because of the sequester cutbacks in Washington. Did ICE deport them. No! They stupidly released them into communities all over the U.S.. They Obama White house has no clue who did this. Even Janet No(enforcement)politano the Head of Homeland Stupidity has no clue who did this. No information has been released on these illegal immigrants on why they were being held in the first place. But, we do know it was for crimes than just being in the U.S. illegally. Over in Springfield Virginia Fairfax County Police say they have a suspected Latino serial fondler on the loose.  A police sketch is shown on the left. There were eight incidents last fall and suddenly there were more this week. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the new uptick in molestation seems to coincidence with the wanton release of illegal immigrants in Federal Government already in custody . But, I think not.

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