Sunday, March 03, 2013


Seems TWITTER has now suspended a number of these bogus Twitter accounts.- More Here

Meanwhile over at MESSNBC they have released a non disclaimer disclaimer on Twitter:
"RT @msnbcPR Spam on #maddow hashtag is not coming from the show or any producers. Have reached out to Twitter to investigate"

Notice that non denial denial? The tweets are not coming from the "show" or "any producers". Uh Huh. But, they might be coming from an outside company hired to put those Tweets out there.
Hmmmm it seems somebody out there in media journalism should be grilling Vivian Schiller NBC' Chief Digital Officer about this? Why? Here is exhibit A:

"If you ever find yourself awake past the witching hour, sleeplessly scrolling Twitter, take comfort in knowing that NBC News chief digital strategist Vivian Schiller is right there with you.
“I’m up for two or three hours in the middle of the night,” Schiller told me. “But my saving grace is Twitter.”-Niemanlab

After screwing up as head of NPR she was saved from corporate oblivion by the now departed Steve Capus NBC News President. It's not hard to believe Twittergate may have originated somewhere in the offices of 30 Rock to bump Maddow's rating on twitter. Somebody in media journalism needs to check this out. I'm talking to you Brian Stelter! 

BLOG UPDATE: It seems other MSNBC shows have been using similar multiple messages from Twitter accounts to boost the profile of Morning Joe and The ED SHOW on MSNBC.  MORE HERE


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