Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fill up your gas tanks!

I was packing the car in Galveston Texas this afternoon when I heard what I thought was a sonic boom. When I got in the car and started to head to Houston I noticed a big plume of black smoke rising in the northeast. It seems the third largest U.S. refinery in Texas City has had an explosion.
With gas prices already hitting over $2.00 even here in Texas it seems the middle class worker is about to take another hit in the wallet because of this explosion. Gas prices are high yet we have two oil men in the White House. How does this happen? I'm sure the Russians where asking the same thing back in the eighties when the CIA covertly gave them defective software that caused a major gas pipeline to explode.

As the saying goes:
"When asking why things happen. It is sometimes useful to ask who benefits?"

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