Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Too long on land.

The explosion at the refinery in Texas City has affected me personal level. I am here in La Porte Texas waiting to board a freighter for a month long voyage to various ports along central and South America and some Caribbean Islands. I have been lugging 50 plus pounds of documents and newspaper clippings all the way from New York. The papers are research for a book/documentary I have been working on for a few years.
I had plan to use some of the time on this voyage to delve into the project full time. However the explosion at Texas City has closed the Houston Ship channel and I have no idea when the ship will arrive and I will be able to board. I feel like Ismael in Moby Dick.
Anyway dear readers I may not be able to post for about a month as the only media I will have is a shortwave radio. But, keep checking in as who knows where along the journey I may be able to post.

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