Sunday, March 13, 2005

Leaving Bushworld

I just barely made the 9am Amtrak Acela train out of Washington yesterday. The track work that has been going on in the Washington Metro slows things quite a bit. The train was crowded with people leaving D.C. heading up to New York and Boston to see shows or just get away for the weekend. I however was getting away for a more extended period of time.
My last day of work was Friday March 11th. I would be stopping work for awhile getting away from Washington, the media, politics etc... I'm not taking a vacation I am taking a journey. One that would begin later this week taking me to a part of this country I had never seen before and then on to some dangerous countries.
The journey will begin on St. Patricks Day or Evacuation Day as it is known in Boston. The journey starts in New York City and wanders through about 12 states and six countries in the next month. How to pack for such a journey is troubling. I need to balance mobility and security. I still have a few days to figure this out.

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