Sunday, April 03, 2005


Our freighter is two days or more behind schedule. We spent almost almost 24 hours in Houston alone. Then the port was closed in Veracruz Mexico because of the weather. Where do ships go when their destination ports are closed? Answer: They stay at sea in near gale conditions and 18 foot seas. What a ride!
One thing about freighter travel is the total lack of news good or bad. There are no stories about President Bush, Social Security, Michael Jackson etc... It is a total news blackout and yes life goes on without electronic media and especially Hollywood. Until yesterday.
I came to the officers mess for dinner and saw the Captain dining by himself very quiet. Later after dinner I went up to the bridge to check out the stars and chat with the 3rd mate who was usually on duty 8pm to midnight. The captain came up to check on things and send some emails. The Captain who is Polish stared out into the darkness from the bridge and said quietly a great man died today. I asked who? He said the pope.
It was then I knew the reason for the Captains solitude at dinner time.

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