Thursday, April 28, 2005


President Bush calls for more nuclear power plants among other stupid ideas that came out of the secret meetings with the real President (Dick Cheney) had back in early 2001. Of course I'm sure nobody in the Bush bubble told the puppet man about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission memo of January 23, 2002 which warned of a terrorist plans to fly planes into U.S. nuclear power plants and to divert them into a a tall building if fighter jets show up. The Bush plan would give them more nuclear targets on U.S. soil to aim for! Another dumb ass plan from those in power in Washington.
He also wants to take more risk away from the the companies who will build the plants and put it on the U.S. taxpayer. The insurance industry has already looked at nuclear plant risk and has decided that they are to risky that's why congress passed the Price-Anderson Act where U.S. taxpayers assume the risk for nuclear accidents. Hello suckers, get ready to open your wallet even more if Bush pushes this plan through. The free market has already decided that nuke plants are too risky and expensive. That's why none have been built since the seventies and in the post 9/11 era they have become even more risky to our safety.


FoFa said...

Nice, but I think the problems here in are, we need more power, coal/oil is a bad choice (air quality) and hydro power is limited. Solar is not close yet for suppling major power, and air power is limited by space. Nuclear power is relativly safe, but one problem and it is a major problem. So where do we turn for more power?

BCP said...

Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment.

Here on the Isle of Long the local power company is getting into wind power for generation in a big way. Which I think will be the quickest way to increase capacity. Even industrial giants like General Electric think so as they have just created a whole division to manufactuer the wind turbines.
On the solar side I have had solar panels on my roof since the early 1980'S providing me with hot water and yes the pump is run by a solar panel. I plan on converting the system to space heating soon.
I have also lived quite nicely onboard a sailboat for weeks at a time using nothing but two 75 watt solar panels to keep the batteries charged to power my laptop, TV, fans, lights and radio. Not to mention refrigerator to keep the those beers cold. I live quite comfortably onboard.