Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Bill a fellow passenger on the freighter were wandering around Porto Limon Costa Rica one hot sultry Friday night looking for a place to buy a phone card. We were glad we were not drunk as we walked. The sidewalks and streets were full of danger in the form of broken sidewalks, holes, trenches and missing manhole covers and drains and unmarked construction holes.
I then recalled all the hoopla from President Bush as he signed the class action lawsuit legislation a few weeks ago thanks to it´s passages in Congress by Republicans with the help of a few Democrats as well.
I said to Bill as we side steped a missing sewer drain grate with a nasty three foot drop, "This is what happens when you have no personal injury lawyers around." I never thought about how lawyers make our lives safer but, an hour or two in Porto Limon will make you appreciate them more and how much safer a walk in U.S. cities are.

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