Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blogging in Shanghai

Thanks to our guide I was able to find an "Internet Cafe" around the corner from my hotel. But, it was not easy. It is located on second story of a building down a side street where I would expect a Peter Lorre character to feel at home. You walk up a darkened stairway into and area of several rooms filled with about three computers. The place feels like an modern day opium den instead narcotics the local Shanghai youth seem to be addicted to playing games and the air is filled with cigarette smoke.
I've not been able to view my blog but, have been able to post with no problems. I can google "Beer Can Politics" but, can not see it and get some type of error message in Chinese characters. I also have not been able to view BCP by entering the IP address directly. I'm thinking of adding a new tag line to my blog "BANNED IN BEIJING!"

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