Monday, July 11, 2005

Memo to Karl Rove

Well now that it appears you were one of the sources who blew the cover of a United States Central Intelligence Agency operative and jeopardized national security for purely partisan political reasons don't worry here is a talking point you should use:

1) Claim that you are what is known as a D.A.T (Dumb Ass Texan) and that you did not know that outing a CIA operative was against the law. You can also point to your boss George Bush as a fellow D.A.T. Who gets involved in things that just turn messy like Iraq and this whole CIA outing is just another mess and that D.A.T's have a tendency to create such messes. You should also bring up LBJ and Vietnam as another example of what can happen when a D.A.T gets in power.

You should also take comfort that George Bush values loyalty more than competence and you will probably be rewarded as others in this administration have been. People like clueless Condi Rice his national security advisor during 9/11 who is now running the State Department and Paul Wolfowitz one of the architects of the Iraq mess who left when the going got tough and had Bush appoint him to a cushy job at the World Bank while letting someone else clean up the Iraq mess that he help create.

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