Wednesday, July 13, 2005

China Notes: Youth Games

Back here in the U.S. and getting over jet lag. My trip to China still continues to bring up memories and thoughts about that fascinating county.
I have been thinking about the youth of China and the comparision with the local kids in my neighborhood here in the U.S.. Both of them seem to enjoy spending time in front of the computer playing video games. The difference is since high speed Internet access is not that widely availible in the home as it is here in the U.S. the chinese youth are required to use the internet cafe's in place like Shanghai. The difference is that because the Chinese youth have to pay for such access they spend at most an hour or two playing the games where the youth here in the U.S. seem to spend many more hours in such diversions. Of course that may change when high speed internet access becomes more widely avialible in China. Even while in the internet cafe's the Chinese youth still communicate and help each other playing the video games and even pause their playing when one of them gets to some new threshold in their game playing and move over to watch the new high scorer work the game.

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