Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A river of information.

It's 10:57 pm local time here in China. I am blogging on a river boat on the Yangsee River (in China it is known as the Chang Jing) I am typing this next to a speaker that appears to be playing Kenny Roger's Greatest hits. Last night I was in Xi-an watching and listening to a traditional Chinese music and dance show. Rich with culture and color unlike the crap Mr. Rogers is currently singing.
The person on this ship who logged me onto the internet apologized for the slow speed of the connection. But, it is ten times faster than the connections I had in the Business Centers of the four star hotels in Bejing or Xi-an. i was not able to blog from those locations but, here on a riverboat on the Yangsee (Chang Jing) I can blog. Go figure. Lot's to blog about so check in from time to time as i continue the China trip.

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