Monday, June 20, 2005

My baby said she's going to China. China is so far away.

So goes the Greg Brown song . I will be heading off to China tomorrow for about two weeks. It will be a new country and a new continent for me. It is a pleasure trip or I at least I hope it will be. I've been reading Simon Winchester's book THE RIVER AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD which I recommend to anyone wanting to have a good read and also learn some history of China while doing it.
I will try and post to the BCP Blog along the way but, can not say for sure if it will be possible. So come by from time to time to see if I am successful in publishing the blog.
I'll have a thirteen hour flight to learn some Mandarian and a new adventure awaiting me. Check the blog over the next two weeks and I will try and take you along.

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