Friday, August 26, 2005

Back from the beach.

I am back at the house located in the geographical center of the Isle of Long. I spent four wonderful days on the beach in Amagansett waking every at around five am every morning to drive to Montauk Point to watch the sun rise. While watching the sunrise I often thought about how the sun rose over in Baghdad that morning and of our soldiers there and if they would all make it through the day without deaths or injuries. I hoped so. I then heard Bush saiy we can't pull out know because we need to honor those that have already died. What Bushit!There was that Christian Killer for Christ Pat Robertson talking about assisinating Venzuelas democratically elected President. I guess his apology following that remark distracted him from praying to deflect Hurricane Katrina from hitting Florida. Not that it would have helped. Iit seems God is really pissed off at some people in the state of Florida for helping George Bush to steal the election in 2000. It may be God or bad karma. Either way there seems to be some type of bad juju happening in that corrupt state.
I had wanted to blog during the week but, the sun and surf kept me near the shore and away from keyboards. Scandals await the return of reporters and congress. There is the AIPAC/Israel spy scandal and also the outing of Joe Wilson's CIA wife. I need to get to bed it will be a long drive to the wicked city and I want to be ready.

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