Friday, August 19, 2005

Gas prices: Sometimes you win and sometimes we all lose..

I left Washington yesterday heading for the Isle of Long for my annual week on the beach out in Amagansett being amused by the Neurotic Yorkers who abandon Manhattan on the weekends. Driving my girlfriends 1986 Honda (with 65,000 original miles on the odometer) I left DC at 5:30 am and stopped at Helens's Sausage House in Smyra Delaware for a sausage breakfast and Pork Chop sandwich to go. I then drove to I-95 and headed north.
Stopping for gas on the New Jersey Turnpike I filled up the tank and was pleasantly surprised to find myself paying $2.38 per gallon for 89 Octane. The gas on the turnpike gas stations is priced weekly and is based on the average price gas at stations in the state of New Jersey. They just updated the price and the gas I bought yesterday would cost an additional 14 cents per gallon this morning. How did this happen?
Of course there are places where we U.S. taxpayers could go to get really cheap gas especially since we are already paying for it.

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