Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gaza cry babies and Israeli arrogance.

I have been watching the biased coverage here in the U.S. of the evictions of the settlers from the Gaza strip. As usual the coprorate media here in the U.S. shows only one side of the story. We were shown images of the crying settlers pleading not to be evicted from the lands they took from the Palestinians who previously lived there. Where were the cameras when the Israel's were bulldozing Palestinian houses or the Olive groves that were tended by Palestinian farmers for years. No doubt the Israelis did not allow the press in for those operations "security reasons" you know.
What really gets me is the arrogance of Israel to try and get U.S. taxpayer dollars to help pay to move these "settlers" from the lands they took from the Palestinians. Israel is already the biggest recipient of U.S. foreign aid and they still owe us BIG TIME for the cost in lives and dollars in removing Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
There are voices of reason and fairness in Israel that know that occupation of Gaza was morally wrong. But, some of these Israel's are also paying the price for removing these settlers. I say good riddance to these pampered settlers. But, now it is also time for the Palestinians to step up to the plate and make Gaza a better place for themselves. They will not have the excuse of the Israeli occupation anymore. *

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