Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bad news for the Republicans good news for voters.

Well there is bad news for the Republican machine in Brookhaven Town on Long Island. They lost the Supervisors seat to Brian Foley a Democrat along with several other council seats. Not good news for the Republican party but, good news for the citizens. They lost after years of corruption that finally got to be too much for even the Republican majority in this town. He was helped by the Suffolk County executive Steve Levy (also a Democrat) who was one of the few local officials who actually is attempting to do something about the illegal immigrantion problem in our local communities while the Federal authorities continue to fail as bad as FEMA did in New Olreans. Meanwhile President Bush and Senators like John McCain and Ted Kennedy are attempting to legalize the illegals because they don't want to address the Federal governments failures. Local Democrats like Levy are gaining support because they are actually attempting to address the concerns of voting citizens on issues like illegal immigration as opposed to some of the Republicans who are only addressing the concerns of the businesses who want only want cheap labor subsidized by the middle class taxpayers.

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