Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The next Neocon war is coming!

The chicken-hawk Neocons in the Bush administration who pushed the George Bush the blunderer into the Iraq mess are running out of time and they know it. To me many of the neocons who are Jewish have always seemed to have divided loyalties. As one of the great unspoken truths about the U.S. invading Iraq is that by removing Saddam Hussein it would also remove one the greatest threats to Israel. With Saddam gone they have accomplished that. So some of these neocons have left the administration. Some like Scooter Libby because he is accused of lying. Others because they felt their mission was accomplished or perhaps things just got too messy and they did not want to be around and be blamed when their glorious plan did not go all that well. As one blunt Military officer said in a speech the Iraq war is about "O.I.L". He then went on to say that stands for Oil, Israel and Logistics. I think he had that spot on but, of course you don't hear such candor by the weasels in Washington.

The second phase of their plan after Iraq for the Neocons was to go after Syria and then Iran. But, there are some problems with the the Neocons plan. Because of the way things are going in Iraq those who supported the war, also more and more American citizens are questioning the wisdom of it in the first place. And rightly so. The Neocon cabal is running out of time and support to invade Syria. Two stories this morning caught my attention and make me think that the the war against Syria is about to be started by this Neocon cabal running things in the Bush administration. One is this story about the U.S. breaking diplomatic ties with Syria. The other story is out of the Pentagon notifying about 92,000 troops to prepare for rotation in "Iraq" sometime in the middle of 2006. Coincidence? I think not. Just two pieces of the puzzle that when finished will show us an expanded war. Start listening for the war drums to start beating for an invasion of Syria by the usual suspects like Fox News and the Weekly Standard. The military will do what it is told by Neocons like Rumsfeld and as the headlines out of Iraq show us more brave American troops will die along with the uncounted civilians of these countries. And for what? Maybe just O.I.L!

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