Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When Irish eyes are illegal.

There was a letter in the New York Times on Tuesday by Niall O’Dowd Chairman, Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. O'Dowd's comments about the hardship of illegal Irish immigrants in this country is pathetic ploy to disregard the laws of our country and use sympathy as an argument for their illegal behavior: Here are the money quotes:

"he might have heard Mary,an undocumented immigrant from County Kerry, describe how after her brother’s death in a car accident in Ireland, she held a wake without a body in the Bronx because she could not return home."

The only person who stopped Mary from returning to Ireland is Mary herself. She could have left to attend her brothers wake but, she was more concerned about staying here illegally than attending her brothers wake.

Then there is the woeful tale of another illegal Irish immigrant:

"He might have heard Samantha relay her elderly parents’ heartbreak that their daughter cannot join them again in Dublin this Christmas because she is undocumented."

Again, No one is preventing her from leaving to spend Christmas with her parents. Even in the Christmas season I have no patience for any illegal immigrant or organization who try to use sympathy as an excuse for their illegal behavior and for violating U.S. immigration laws.

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