Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barack on the bus

Barack Obama gave an interesting speech on race yesterday in order to try and distance himself from the racist comments of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. But, instead of throwing him under the bus Obama said he will continue to ride with him. So much for Barack's "change" message. Here is the money quote:

"Reverend Wright's comments were not only wrong but divisive," he said, "divisive at a time when we need unity; racially charged at a time when we need to come together to solve a set of monumental problems."

So let me get this straight Barack. You listened to the "divisive" racial hatred messages that Rev. Wright spewed from the pulpit for twenty years but, never said anything to him about it? If you can't confront your Pastor with something you say you did not believe in how can we expect you to confront the problems that come with being President.

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