Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer and me.

I shook hands with Eliot Spitzer once. On November 14th 2007 I was standing in the security line to get into one of the congressional office buildings in Washington D.C. The news broke that morning that Spitzer reveresed himself on his plan to give illegal immigrants a New York State drivers license. Spitzer and his entourage arrived to give testimony along with Governor Napolitano to some congressional comittee. I called out to Spitzer as he entered the building shook his hand introduced myself as a New York State resident. I thanked him for reversing his position on the illegal immigrant drivers license plan. He said "Your welcome" and then went off to the hearing.
About a month or two later I'm on the Washington Metro and there is a guy sitting about two seats in front of me across the aisle. The guy looks exactly like Eliot Spitzer. I'm thinking to myself it could not be. The Governor of New York would not be riding by himself on the Washington D.C. metro. There would be some sign of security around. I thought maybe Spitzer might have had a brother who might work in D.C. a brother who looked like him who just happens to be riding the Red Line metro train. As I'm thinking about this the train pulls into a station and the guy gets off. Which just happens to be the metro stop closest to the Mayflower hotel.

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