Monday, March 31, 2008

The death of Dith Pran

Dith Pran the Cambodian man who survived and walked through the "killing fields" has died. He was Sydney Schanberg's interpreter by was left behind after the war (Vietnam) was over. He was the inspiration for the book THE KILLING FIELDS written by Schanberg.
He was an outspoken critic of the Pol Pot regime and when Pot died he continued:
"The Jewish people's search for justice did not end with the death of Hitler and the Cambodian people's search for justice doesn't end with Pol Pot,"

He died a Buddhist:
I want to save lives, including my own, but Cambodians believe we just rent this body," he said. "It is just a house for the spirit, and if the house is full of termites, it is time to leave."

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