Monday, February 02, 2009

Meanwhile is the LA Times finally getting it?

As California continues it's downward fiscal spiral. The good news is that financial disaster may be starting bring the politically correct bias of the LA Times back to some of the reality of what has actually been going on in the state. At least if the column by George Skelton is any indication. He lays out the costs to California of having so many illegal immigrants in the state. Here are some of the literal money quotes:

" The state is spending $775 million on Medi-Cal healthcare for illegal immigrants, according to the legislative analyst. Of that, $642 million goes into direct benefits. Practically all the rest is paid to counties to administer the program. The feds generally match the state dollar-for-dollar on mandatory programs."

"There also are other taxpayer costs -- especially through local governments -- but those are the biggies for the state. Add them all up and the state spends well over $5 billion a year on illegal immigrants and their families.

Of course, illegal immigrants do pay state taxes. But no way do they pay enough to replenish what they're drawing in services. Their main revenue contribution would be the sales tax, but they can't afford to be big consumers, and food and prescription drugs are exempt."

At this point he also ignores the money the illegals are sending back to their home countries that does not stay in the California economy. Also like the stated number of illegal immigrants in the country his costs numbers may also be low. But, it is a start that even a papers like the LA Times are starting to realize there is a downside and a cost to taxpayers for unchecked illegal immigration. As Skelton rightly observes:

"Meanwhile, California should be honest about the costs. Illegal immigrants are not the sole cause of the state's deficit. But they are a drain."

That truth is a refreshing start.

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