Friday, February 20, 2009

Vickie Iseman vs The New York Slime

Carlos Slim the Mexican Billionaire must be breathing a sigh of relief. As it seems none of the 250 million he recently provided to bailout the New York Times will not be going to pay lobbyist Vickie Iseman in a defamation suit. It was a feeble attempt by the paper to slime John McCain by insinuating that he had been having an affair with Univision Lobbyist Vickie Iseman. This of course was nonsense! As is increasingly the case the New York Times and other elites in the media they ignored the real story. Make no mistake people were getting screwed by McCain but, it was the American people. As the Mickey Kaus pointed out:

"Former Univision CEO, controlling shareholder and Iseman client Jerrold Perenchio is a National FInance Co-Chair of McCain's campaign. Presumably he brings in more than $85,000; b) The worry isn't that McCain was taking advantage of Univision, et. al. It's rather the other way around. Or, more precisely, that this was a smarmy, mutually self-interested alliance that helped McCain and Univision in ways that maybe went beyond promoting the national interest. "

That's the real scandal behind this story. It is about the lobbist influence on McCain and explains the real reason why he is always pushing for amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants (the majority Hispanic). He is shilling for his friends at the Spanish language network Univision and making sure that the audience and Univision's revenue do not head south.

Of course the New York Times completely missed the connection or just ignored it. Just another example of why they continue to go downhill in their reporting and readership.

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