Friday, April 30, 2010


I've been reading Mickey Kaus' blog for years and was always impressed with his honesty and insight on many issues like illegal immigration. I'm a registered Democrat who divides my time between Washington D.C. and New York where my main residence is so I can't vote for him but, if I could I would vote for Mickey Kaus (The Common Sense Democrat) in the California Democratic primary for U.S. Senate against Barbara Boxer. The least I can do is give him the BCP political endorsement. Here are some of the money quotes of why I would have no problem voting for Kaus:

"It's time Democrat politicians stopped holding enforcement measures hostage to their goal of amnesty--of giving citizenship to millions who are here illegally."

"I'm not for mass deportations, or for rooting out and displacing people who are minding their own business 'living in the shadows.' But Arizonans have been sorely tested by wave after wave of illegal immigration, in violation of federal law, which has brought with it unprecedented levels of violence to the state.

"If Obama and the national Democrats don't like Arizona's response, they should stop holding effective federal enforcement of immigration laws hostage to the amnesty they keep dangling in front of Latino voters."

Here's more from Kaus:

"Kaus is the only Democratic Senate candidate on the ballot to oppose amnesty proposals, even when they are packaged with enforcement measures and billed as "comprehensive reform." The incumbent, Barbara Boxer, supports "comprehensive reform" that includes a "path to citizenship" for illegals--i.e., amnesty."

We need to secure the borders first. Build the actual, physical fence that was supposed to be built. Extend E-verify or another effective means of checking immigration status at the time of employment. Create a system for monitoring visa overstays. Let the ACLU sue. Let the Chamber of Commerce sue. Let MALDEF sue. Then if the system survives those assaults, and works--actually stops illegal immigration and sends a signal to the world that the game has changed--then in a few years we can start to talk about amnesty."

Like I said I can't vote for him but, if you are a Democrat in California please vote for Mickey Kaus in the California primary. But, if you can't vote too you could help his epic campaign by helping him out with a donation. Not all of us Democrats are drinking the liberal kool aid. Mickey Kaus is one such Democrat.

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