Saturday, April 17, 2010

MSNBC: More Sharpton No Black Conservatives

Just when you think the programmers at MSNBC can't go down the liberal ratings sinkhole anymore they come up with several hours promoting the Liberal racial ambulance chaser Rev. Al Sharpton's Action Network Rountable discussion. Wonder how Sharpton "blackmailed" the skitish Liberals running the cable Network in providing a platform for Sharpton's racial agenda. You would think this type of discussion would be on BET. But, I guess BET knows a ratings loser when they see it. Though I guess the ratings at MSNBC can't be hurt too much by this programming after all:
All MSNBC programming was down double digits compared to Q1 of '09. Monday to Sunday, MSNBC's prime time for the quarter was down -15% in Total Viewers compared to Q1 of '09 (-22% demo). "Countdown" was down -26% in Total Viewers (-42% demo), and "Rachel Maddow" was down -25% (-38% demo).
The show will be moderated by MSNBC's liberal angry white guy Ed Shultz. Al Sharpton will only be on the panel. But, don't worry because another moderator will be covering his back. According to MSNBC:
"The panel will be moderated by Rachel Noerdlinger, President of Noerdlinger Media and longtime public relations advisor to Rev. Al Sharpton"

So Sharpton's butt will be protected. Of course it will be Sharpton's show despite what he says:

"I think this is a time Black America needs to not only press the President – which they should do – but press the leadership, the actors. Everybody needs to be accountable."

I guess MSNBC stands for More Sharpton No Black Conservatives. But, of course we are talking about the liberal MSM here so when it comes to trying to find a black conservative they just can't seem to find any. Though there are many out on the Internet and running for office . you just won't see them on MSNBC and other liberal "news" outlets. If I were asking the questions I would question why black leaders like Sharpton have not come out against the failure of the Federal Government to enforce U.S. laws against illegal immigrants whose presence as day laborers has undercut the wages and employment of not only white but, also black workers and legal immigrants as well. But, I know the liberals at MSNBC won't allow the discussion to go there because the parent company NBC Universal also owns the Spanish language channel Telemundo. So much for a frank discussion on the state of Black America.

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