Saturday, November 13, 2010

MADDOW vs. STEWART: It was a TKO by Stewart

It was almost painful to watch the interview between Jon Stewart and the MSNBC's Liberal Lesbian Rachel Maddow on Thursday. When she attempted to minimize her and other liberal pundits mocking of the Tea Party movement using vile gay sex euphemisms Stewart rightly called her on it. Maddow also tried to equate what she does on cable news  with what Stewart does on the Comedy Channel. You could also see the pained looked on Maddows face as Stewart smacked her down verbally. Stewart rightly pointed out that he is a "comedian" and she is not. Seems Maddow never did understand that what Stewart does is brilliant comedy while all Maddow does is snarky Liberal political commentary! Yes, Rachel the truth does hurt! Oh and another thing you are really not that funny either!


Anonymous said...

You are what is wrong with this country.

BCP said...

Oh my! A personal attack instead of comment on the topic. How enlightening. LOL