Thursday, November 18, 2010


It was rather amusing but, not surprising how the Liberal Democrats rigged the musical political chairs problem they had. Now that voters kicked them out of the majority.  Pelosi rigged it so there would be no choosing between voting for Hoyer or Clyburn for the second position in the defeated Democratic Congress. Here are the money quotes:

"Pelosi, from San Francisco, spent most of last week negotiating with Hoyer and Clyburn before crafting a deal to create the new post."

"Clyburn's colleagues voted to create a tailor-made leadership post for the Columbia Democrat and then elected him to fill it when the new congressional session starts in January."

Just like the Liberal teachers in our public school system who neuter individual achievements in the school system where these days "everyone gets a trophy" so nobody gets to lose. Pelosi did the same thing with the Democrats Hoyer/Clyburn dilemma. How typical liberal of her!

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