Tuesday, November 16, 2010


One thing is for sure you can always count on MSNBC to follow the LA RAZA/open borders proponents line when they do something like Monday's "Town Hall" on immigration. The broadcast Monday was no exception. Host by MSNBC's new rich white California Liberal pretty boy Lawrence O'Donnell  and Voto Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar as cohost. These two are what passes for "fair and balanced" in the liberal land where MSNBC broadcasts from. The show was part get out the Latino vote pep rally and playing typical liberal/open borders crowd sympathy stories of illegals. Which is typical of the MSNBC policy on illegal immigration news. They also had José Díaz-Balart from the Spanish language channel Telemundo which is also part of the NBC media family thrown in for good measure to keep the pro illegal  (aka more viewers) corporate narrative moving along.
   One of their more interesting guest was actress and activist Rosario Dawson  who related the story of how her illegal immigrant parents took over a building in New York. I guess when you come into this country illegally breaking other laws becomes easy. When they were finally removed from the building her father pelted the Police with rocks and urine. How charming!
They did have one token dose of sanity in the discussion and that was Michael Cutler from the Center for Immigration Studies but, he only briefly on a few segments. Of course he was not allowed to be there for the final thoughts. In short it was a very pro illegal immigrant broadcast event and not representative of the feeling of most of the American people.

The broadcast was pretty typical of what you would expect from a liberal "news organization" like MSNBC and was short on real feelings and opinions of most Americans.

Looks like O'Donnell and his open borders pro-amnesty cohosts are just about as popular with viewers as an amnesty program for illegal immigrants is with the American public. The ratings are in and they ain't pretty for MSNBC.

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