Sunday, May 22, 2005

Courts, Cronies and Fox News

The Texas cronies of George Bush are hitting the airwaves A commercial has been running here in Washington pushing for an up or down vote for George Bush's court nominees. One of the people in the commercial is Michael Williams. Who is Michael Williams? Let's let President Bush introduce him:

"Michael Williams is with us. Mike, good to see you. (Applause.) One time I was Michael's campaign chairman in the Republican primary in Midland County and helped him come in third. (Laughter.) He got rid of me as his campaign chairman, and now he's doing big things statewide in the state of Texas. (Laughter.)"

One of the BIG things Williams is doing is being a Texas Energy Commissioner.
What struck me about the commercial was that Michael Williams used the term "fair and balanced" when singing the praises of one of Bush's nominees. I wonder if FOX NEWS will take this use of their trademark to court?

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