Sunday, May 29, 2005

Nuclear Nunnsense!

As I work my way back into the checking out the mass media after a week on the North Carolinia beaches one of my first stops was the NBC show MEET THE PRESS. It was a scary show with Tom Kean and others on the 911 commission along with Fred Thompson former Senator whose only purpose seemed that he was playing the President of the U.S. in an upcomming made for TV movie.
The funniest comment was when former Sam Nunn tryedto strech a point that since the U.S. was buying enriched uranium from old Russian decommissioned weapons then watering the stuff down and burning it as fuel in U.S. nuclear reactors that somehow manged to power the lights in the NBC studios. I like Sam Nunn and I think the organization he is now working on the Nuclear Threat Initiative is a good cause. But, making it sound that it was a good thing using nulcear weapons to power U.S. reactors is just a little to much P.R. spin for the nuclear industry. Where does Nunn get such ideas? Perhaps from being on the board of GE or maybe he has close ties to Georgia based Southern Company . It was just utter nonsense. I guess Sam Nunn is another one has not read the memo !

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