Monday, September 05, 2005

No more Texas hospitality for people from New Orleans!

The Republican Governor of Texas is now planning on air lifting people who were sent to Texas from Louisiana. Texas is a big state and is right next to Louisiana. It would be easier to feed and take care of people in one location instead of scattering them around the country further and further away from their homes in New Orleans. It would be easier for the people displaced by Katrina to return back home to Louisiana once condtions improve there.
I think the real reason for Governor Perry scattering these people is that Texas and Washington Republicans are worried that this influx of people from New Orleans may become residents of Texas and upset the redistricting that Republican Congressman Tom Delay spent years setting up so that the Republicans would have a solid majority in Texas and in Congress in Washington.
It's not matter of room and supplies which can easily be handled in the state and it's top notch infrastructure. If they need more room to set up tempory communities I know of 1600 acres in Texas that are not being used at the moment here is a photo of the place. Lot's of room to set up some temporary housing.

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