Monday, October 31, 2005

Cheney/Libby plan for us on Iraq was: Let them eat Yellowcake!

As the boot of justice gets closer to the butts of some people in the White House. Laura Rozen has the tale of how the White House got the "intelligence" and ran with it. They can't blame the CIA for this one. What needs be remembered is that Cheney and the Neocons driving this country to war always wanted to gather their own intelligence and they did. The Niger Yellowcake story is one to those attempts. Pushing these lies were part of the attempt to get the public to support a war with Iraq. But, when Joe Wilson exposed the truth, their evil side came out and they attempted to not only destroy him but, also his covert CIA wife and in the process who knows how many other CIA operatives who were using the same cover as Wilson's wife. These guys in the Whitehouse are just another form of evil doers who will lash out whenever they are confronted with their own lies.

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