Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lou Dobbs, Judy Miller and the truth

While ex-jailbird and New York Times reporter Judy Miller attempts to distract everyone from her cheerleading role in pushing this country into war on the pages of the New York Times. Lou Dobbs was practically tongue kissing her with his "exclusive" interview with her. While I too think that reporters should be able to protect their sources so that information can be made public. But, Miller's sanctimonious stance is laughable. Who was she protecting? Neocons in the Bush administration who at the very least used her in an attempt to destroy other people's lives not to mention put people and national security at risk for political purposes. There is no high journalist standard to uphold protecting such scoundrels.
Lou Dobbs lobs a softball question and a biased one at that by saying that "liberals" have questioned her closeness to the administration. HEY LOU! It's not just "liberals" it's people like Justin Riamondo who was Pat Bucahnan's running mate when he ran for President. He's no liberal that's for sure.

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