Monday, October 03, 2005

Fee fi fo fon I smell a Neocon!

Newsweek has this report that should raise eyebrows about exactly how close Judy Miller was to the neocon cabal in the Bush administration that helped push the U.S. into the Iraq war.

" on Sept. 19, in what participants described as an "awkward" four-way conference call that included Libby, Miller (patched in on a jailhouse phone) and their lawyers. "I'm sorry you're in jail, Judy," Libby said, according to an account provided by his lawyer, Joseph Tate. "I am, too. The food is not very good," Miller replied. Libby then told Miller he wanted to "encourage" her to testify to "help both of us... get this matter behind us." At one point, Libby added "something like, 'We miss you'," according to Tate's account."

The real question is WHO IS THIS WE, MR. LIBBY?

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