Monday, October 17, 2005

So close yet so far. Bush ignores the future.

I went down to the National Mall here in Washington D.C. last Tuesday to look at the solar houses assembled there from Universities all over the country for the Solar Decathalon. Around 4 pm I heard the sound of helicopters and watched as President Bush returned back to the White House from yet another trip to the Gulf states on Marine 1. It would have been a quick walk from the White House for Bush to see the houses and the efficent ideas that the students came up with. Instead Bush hung out with the dinosaurs of the oil industry and ignored the future.
My feelings about these students and also the work of the special prosecuter Pat "Bulldog" Fitzgerald working the CIA outing case is: "Let the sunshine in."

P.S. Congratulations to the University of Colorado for winning the competition though the work of all the teams makes all of us winners in the long run even without the President of the United States.

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