Saturday, October 21, 2006

The middle class taxpayers are the real pawns!

Chicago Sun columinst Mark Brown has a column that is almost laughable in it's defense of a Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth's position on illegal immigration. Here are some of the more amusing quotes:

"You'd think Duckworth was from the Planet of Goo-Goo Liberals if you didn't realize she's backing the same proposal co-sponsored by Kennedy and Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who might be the GOP standard-bearer for president in two years. Or if you didn't know that the comprehensive Senate immigration package also follows the same general approach favored by one George W. Bush."

Yeah, Tammy Duckworth agrees with George Bush the President with such great ideas like invading Iraq! She also agrees with limo liberals like Ted (NIMBY) Kennedy. Not to mention John (so what if they violated the law) McCain! Duckworth's judgement should be questioned if she aligns herself with these pols on illegal immigration.

"The Senate's immigration plan, the one favored by Duckworth and McCain (and yes, Kennedy), also calls for tougher border measures, but would allow those 12 million illegal immigrants to stay in the country. "

Yes, what a position. Come in and break our immigration laws we'll let you just stick around.

"It would require them to register with the government and earn their legalized status by paying a fine, paying their taxes and learning English, among other requirements. "

Gee let's see you violated our laws did not pay taxes like the working middle class citizens do. But, you will pay a small fine (but, not back taxes and penatlies), you should learn English (in schools also subsidized by taxpayers) Sounds like a great deal but, not for U.S. taxpayers

"It would take 11 years to clear all the hurdles. "

Yep, all the while being subsidized by U.S taxpayers!

"You may consider that a form of amnesty."


"A lot of people who have studied this issue, though, think that eventually Congress will adopt some version of the Senate approach, because it will have a much better chance to work in the long run than just cracking down."

Brown's and Duckworth's argument is lacking something major. Something that has not been done regarding the illegal immigration problem in the country. It's a word that McCain, Kennedy, Bush, Duckworth and Brown seem to have forgotten and that word is: ENFORCMENT! If the politicans and officals in Washington and columinst like Brown had understood the meaning of that word, Illegal Immigration would not be the issue in this and many other campaigns across the country.

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