Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NY Mayor Bozo Bloomberg is at it again!

When it comes to real threats to U.S. Homeland Security security two people come to mind one is the blundering President (no border security) Bush and the the other Republican clown is New York City Mayor Mike (Bozo) Bloomberg. The latest act of stupidity to be approved by Bloomberg is that of dropping the requirement that those seeking a taxi license would no longer have to prove they are in the country legally. All they would have to show is a drivers license and Social Security card (like there is no fraud with illegals using bogus cards).
New York City council member Peter Vallone Jr. calls it correctly:
"It's not only shortsighted, it's pure stupidity."
It sure is especially since there have been discussions of terrorist plots using Taxi cabs. With Bloomberg just does not get it! But, what do expect from an idiot like Bloomberg who supports amnesty for illegal immigrants even though as he says : "may very well be rewarding lawbreaking.''


Mark Johnson said...

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg is running the city like he runs his businesses. His main objective is for the city to make money at all costs. Apparently he is using his ruthless business skills to accomplish that. However, what is keeping the city running, is not always in the best interest of the folks living in the surrounding areas. By using a "sanctuary city policy" he is luring all kinds of ne'r do wells into the area which is certainly not making the city any safer. People are leaving NYC and the surrounding area in droves because of the 9/11 attack and because the city is unsafe because of this policy.

What I see for the future is a once great city decimated by gangs and criminals and you can blame Koch and all the mayors that have come after for abusing their power and using this policy.

BCP said...

Mark Johnson:
Thanks for stopping by BCP and thanks for your comments. I don't have an area for links here at BCP. Between working and trying to squeeze in some living and blogging. There's not much time for adding other features maybe someday. But I did drop by Rizzleweb and looked at a couple of the congressional profiles and took a survey or two. Interesting and informative. I will keep it in mind when I need to look up profiles on the pols.

BCP said...

I agree elitist like Bloomberg really don't care what anyone else thinks or the effect as you said beyond NYC of his sanctuary city policy. Thanks for reading the blog and your comments.