Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IMAGE vs. reality on illegal immigration

One of the biggest problems regarding illegal immigration is the businesses that continually hire the illegals. In some cases business hire illegals who produce identification that is fraudulent because it is an American citizens identity.
The Federal Government has embarked on a new program called IMAGE where companies can volunteer to participate in more stringent inspection of all it's employees and the legality of their documents. In exchange for the businesses knowing the legal status the government will not conduct sweeping raids of a company's facilities only those workers who supply fraudulent documents are effected.
Still Some businesses like Smithfield Packing Co still don't seem get it as this quote shows:

"This is terrible for everyone, us, the employees, their families," said Dennis Pittman, a company spokesman. "It's heart-wrenching. These are our better people. These are folks who have been with us seven, eight, nine years. They are good people. People have been in tears. Fifty or so people have quit."

How about the American customers who have had their identity stolen by your illegal immigrant employees Mr. Pittman? Is that not terrible? Or does not concern the company? Some companies just don't get it! Our immigration laws need to be enforced. Period! End of story. Companies have to understand that they need to hire people who are in this country legally to work, who pay taxes, and obey U.S laws just like their customers do.

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