Sunday, August 03, 2008

And the Democrats are dumber.

You do not have to look to far to see that there is really no difference between the insane position of the Republicans and the Democrats when it comes to offshore oil drilling. It seems when the oil industry speaks about drilling for oil off our coasts even people like Barrack "change" Obama listen. Here is exhibit A:

"Obama said Friday that he would be willing to compromise on his position against offshore oil drilling if it were part of a more overarching strategy to lower energy costs.-CNN

But, back in June Obama was speaking a different tune:

"When I'm president, I intend to keep in place the moratorium here in Florida and around the country that prevents oil companies from drilling off Florida's coasts," Obama told reporters in Jacksonville in late June. "That's how we can protect our coastline and still make the investments that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and bring down gas prices for good."

The fact is if you listen real close neither Juan McCain, the Dumbocrats like Obama or the oil companies are promising that if the oil companies get the moratorium lifted to drill off the U.S. coasts that the oil found will be used to provide energy to U.S. consumers. I will put this little tidbit of information in the "I told you so file" for later use.
Meanwhile back in the oil company board rooms:

"HOUSTON -Oil giants Chevron Corp. and Total SA wrapped up a string of gargantuan, record-breaking earnings reports Friday, a stretch in which six of the major international oil companies topped $50 billion in combined profit for the first time."

Hello suckers! Especially those who think voting for Obama means that there will be a real "change" in Washington.

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