Monday, August 04, 2008

New York Times at it again.

If it's Sunday it must be the New York Times with another liberal tear jerker article about illegal immigrants and down playing the cost of illegal immigrants to U.S. taxpayers. This time it's the story is about an illegal immigrant who changed his name and was involved in a traffic accident here in the U.S. The hospital bills to treat his injuries were over 1.5 million until the hospital sent him back to his family in Guatemala. Of course the lawyers and and church are now involved in suing the hospital over his health care. The Times once home to defrocked journalists who were making up stories now seems to be in the process of making up policy. Calling what the hospital did a "deportation". Hmmm and I thought deportations were the policy of the Federal Government. Or is the New York Times just making this stuff up again.
Here are some of the money quotes:
"The journey to Jolomcú is an arduous one, as Mr. Jiménez’s new legal team discovered when several members — a lawyer, a paralegal, a priest and a bioethicist — first traveled there to meet him."
Amazing what the lure of money from lawsuits will make some people do. Like make "arduous journeys" to foreign countries to find clients.
As usual in the New York Times articles you have to read all the way to the end to see that the "client" is not as brain damaged as the reporting and lawyers might have you believe.
"Much to the surprise of his visitors, Mr. Jiménez, despite his brain injury, could read. He smoothed out the yellow legal paper from Mr. Gaspar and began: “I am sending you some little things. Luis, I hope that you like them.”
At first, Mr. Jiménez read haltingly, then more fluidly. Later, when all his visitors had gone outside, he read the ending aloud again to himself."

I'm sure by the time his lawyers get through with him he will not be able to read at all. We shall see.

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