Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain's VP choice: Bloomberg

Not that I want to help the McCain campaign. But, after watching the cable news idiot pundits discuss all the choices for Vice President for both candidates as if they actually knew something. I thought why not play a hunch myself. If McCain were smart (and I do not think he is) he would pick New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Yeah, I know Bllomberg registered as an independent, But look at Joe Lieberman going on Meet the Press to be spokesman for McCain. This notion popped into my head yesterday when I read that Bloomberg was taking Spanish lessons which is just perfect for an ambitious politican who plans on Hispandaring for higher office in the future. The VP spot would be perfect for Bloomberg and the McCain campaign. It would give McCain a solid lock on the Jewish vote. Not to mention that both MCain and Bloomberg have no problem with illegal immigrants breaking our laws. Best of all for Bloomberg McCain will probably only last one term making Bloomberg a shoe in for a run for President in four years. Stay tuned!

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