Thursday, January 22, 2009

Say bye bye now Caroline.

Well there was good news that Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her name to get Hillary Clinton's New York Senate seat. Good riddance too!. Here are some of the money quotes from today's Washington Post:

"after first avoiding the press, then holding a series of halting interviews and giving vague answers, Kennedy's front-runner status diminished somewhat. She also appeared resistant to opening her finances to scrutiny, lending to the view that after largely avoiding the spotlight for most of her life, she was only a reluctant candidate for public life."

It must have come as a shock to her that there would be such scrutiny. I mean she is a Kennedy aren't they entitled to government positions.

"I'm sure her uncle Ted would want nothing more than to see her in his brother's seat in the United States Senate."

I'm sure he does. But, we in New York State do not. It's time that people in the political dynesties like the Kennedy's and the Bushes understrand that the U.S. Government is not an employment agency set up just for them

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