Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The stimulus bill for who?

As the House starts debate on the Stimulus Bill for the country. A group of corrupt business and immigration lawyers are lobbying to have the E-Verify provision stripped from the bill. Roy Beck explains:
"The lobbyists for a variety of industries that hire lots of illegal foreign workers are rallying their troops to phone U.S. House leaders; they hope to strip a provision of the giant stimulus bill that would require recipients to use E-Verify to keep illegal aliens from getting the new jobs."

Is it too much to ask that if we U.S. taxpayers are going to be providing money for a trillion dollar stimulus bill that efforts like using E-Verify be used to insure that the workers hired using that money be citizens and/or legally entitled to work here. You can call your U.S. Representative and tell them that you want to make sure that the E-Verify provision remain in the stimulus bill. The Capitol Switchboard number is: 202-224-3121 Let your own Representative know that his/her constituents expect this bill to explicitly require E-Verify to make sure all new jobs go to Americans and legal immigrants already here. I did!

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