Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bill Richardson portrait heading for the dumbocratic hall of shame?

Looks like somebody may need to get another portrait ready for the Dumbocratic Hall of Shame. Bill Richardson may be the next one to be hung up. I'm glad to see Richardson leave the scene. I've always questioned his judgement on a number of issues. Like his support for keeping Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General just because he was "Hispanic".
Then there was his call to give the illegal immigrant fugitive Elvira Arellano a pardon.
Actually Richardson's troubles do not surprise me. I had a friend who worked on one of the morning TV shows. Whenever Bill Richardson appeared. I think he was Energy Secretary at the time. He would take the coffee/water cup that the show provided on the set so the guest would have something to drink if they needed it. Since my friend was responsible for these mugs he would ask Richardson for the mug back. Richardson just looked at him and said "nope". It's not that the show could not afford to lose the coffee mug it's that Richardson just thought that he was entitled to take it. He's just the kind of creep that we are better off not having in office especially as Commerce Secretary.

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