Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back on 2008

On this cold an snowy New Years Eve here at the BCP Long Island bureau I thought I take a look back on what got my attention in 2008:

Well let's see there was a writers strike:

William F. Buckley dies

Jeremiah (Wright) was a bullfrog or was he just a good friend of Barack Obama who gave a speech on race in March

In New York City having three kids becomes a status symbol.

Barack Obama pulled some stats out of his butt but, most in the mainstream media never checked him on it.

Tim Russert died

Something was not kosher at a meat packing plant in Iowa and it concerned illegal immigrant workers.

My employer sent me out to Minneapolis to set up communications systems for the Republican convention. Loved that balloon drop

It was bailout mania in September Nancy Pelosi said "The Party is Over" looking back the party had just begun and the money has not stopped flowing since.

Obama downplays his involvement with ACORN and as usual the liberal media does a Sargent Schultz and sees nothing wrong with the connections.

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