Saturday, July 31, 2010


Woke up it was a Chelsea morning. Chelsea Clinton that is. It seems all the mainstream media could talk about was the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. This is news? No wonder people are turning away from mainstream sources of news more and more. On the six o'clock broadcast on CBS Radio they actually led with the story. Jeez what kind of crap news is that?  Of course they also featured sound bits from  the idiots who traveled many miles to get a glimpse of the the philandering former President and Hillary. Get a life people!  No one is talking about the hypocrisy of this marriage and the politics. After months of demonizing Wall Street and investment bankers by many Democrats. Guess what? Chelsea the daughter of the Dem dynamos Bill & Hillary is marrying an INVESTMENT BANKER! Of  course the Dems are silent about this. I just love the hypocrisy!  But, I like Joni Mitchell too so let's dance!

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