Monday, July 26, 2010

The JournObamalist

If your like me can often smell the bias in Liberal news organizations like NPR a mile away in the stories they cover. When they use terms like "undocumented workers" instead of illegal aliens that is a BIG tip off of the Liberal bias in their editorial decision making. As these so called "news" organization keep losing their audience as people find more truthful analysis of what is really going on online you can hear the increased desperation in their stories. A few of the more Liberal have joined a cabal to come up with a plans to protect their messiah Barrack Obama from getting any bad press. That's what the "O" in their name stands for. Tucker Carlson and crew at the Daily Caller have owned this story. You can see the photos of some of these so called "journalists" from this conspiratorial listserv here. As usual the suspects are mostly white Liberals probably vacationing right now in Martha's Vineyard,  Maine and the Hamptons.

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