Thursday, July 29, 2010


The headlines in the papers today should read "Obama to Arizona: SCREW YOU!" Because thanks to the Obama administration and his Justice Department butt boy Eric Holder's lawsuit. The people of Arizona and most other states will continue to suffer the increased cost and problems of illegal immigration. But, the righteous quotes of the day belong the the heroic Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer: 

“For anyone willing to see it -- the crisis is as clear as is the federal government’s failure to address it."
"But the question still remains: will Washington do its job, and put an end to the daily operations of smugglers in our nation, or will the delays and sidesteps continue? I believe that the defenders of the rule of law will ultimately succeed with us in our demand for action.”
The only relief the court injunction against Arizona Law 1070 provides is the relief for the Federal Government to continue to FAIL the citizens of the United States when it comes to enforcing immigration laws. That is the outrage that many of us Americans feel.

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