Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain's Mexican advisor

"Sen. John McCain of Arizona pulled out a hard-fought victory over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in Florida's contentious Republican primary Tuesday."-Washington Post

While McCain pulled a rabbit out of the hat again in Florida yesterday . McCain still has some esplaining to do. Not only on the McCain-Kennedy illegal amnesty bill of last year but, as Lonewacko reports about one of his "hispanic outreach" advisors who even has Mexican citizenship and was an advisor to Vincente Fox. And one who said it was ok for illegals to steal the Social Security numbers of American citizens. Here are some more of the money quotes from McCain's "Hispanic outreach advisor":

"I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think 'Mexico first.'"

"We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people."

Kiss the United States borders goodbye if McCain is the Republican nominee and he has advisors like Juan Hernadez.
As usual the tough questions of McCain are not being asked by the mainstream media but, rather by citizens. Thank God for You Tube:

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